Soy protein has been proven to be a very beneficial addition to any diet because of the positive effect it has on the human body.

Soya Beans

Soya Beans

Soy protein is derived from soya beans and is unique in becoming a complete protein from a vegetable source. This is because vegetarians are found to get lesser amount of protein when compared to non-vegetarians. But including soy beans and their products in your daily diet is sufficient to offer you all the protein that you need. Even meat eating people may consume soy beans and revel in its benefits.

Soy protein also brings many health benefits along with its usefulness as an help to supporting you in achieving your weight loss goals. Let’s take a take a look at some of the benefits you could gain by adding one of the excellent soy based products to your diet plan.

Benefits of Soy Protein

Soy protein powder is a common source of plant-based protein used in lots of weight loss and sports nutrition supplements. Soy’s effects on women have been extensively studied because of soy’s estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. Choosing soy over other types of protein may provide certain health benefits.

Blood Clotting

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for a healthy body and are present in high quantities in algae and fish. Soy oil can also be rich in omega 3 fatty acids. So people who do not want to take fish products and algae may consume soy oil in order to get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

Helps Reduce LDL Cholesterol

The FDA has shown that a diet which includes at least 4 servings of soy protein each day plays a part in lessening the bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol, by as much as 10%. On the same note, the good cholesterol, HDL cholesterol isn’t reduced by adding the 4 areas of soy protein each day. Studies have shown that soy protein attacks the plasma in LDL cholesterol whilst not affecting HDL cholesterol in any way.

Prevent Osteoporosis

With advancement in age and hormonal problems osteoporosis is common in lots of women. The phytoestrogens present in soy aids and increases the absorption of calcium through the body and help in maintaining healthy and strong bones. Soy milk fortified with extra calcium and Vitamin D provides the best results.


Some studies show that soy consumption might help relieve symptoms of menopause, due to soy isoflavones, or phytoestrogens. Soy isoflavones can moderately help improve symptoms such as hot flashes and loss of bone mineral density associated with menopause.

Healthy Bones

Although it is said that women are more prone to weak bones, even men are afflicted by weak bones and other related problems. They’re greatly benefited by consuming soy regularly. Soy products enable you to have strong and healthy bones as well as reduce mineral loss from the body. The occurrence of arthritis can also be lowered by consuming soy beans.

Maintain Colon Health

Colon cancer is one of the most common causes of death relating to the digestive tract. While no scientific study offers definitive claims that soy prevents colon cancer, it plays a part in keeping general digestive tract health, including the colon. A study with colon cancer survivors discovered that soy intake reduced the cancer’s proliferation.

Belly Fat

It certainly seems that soy may be their best choice of protein supplement for women attempting to lose weight, especially for older, post-menopausal women. It seems that research results reveal that in this age group of women, casein protein supplementation produced a rise in abdominal fat, whereas soy protein caused a reduction. The final outcome of this particular study was that daily consumption of a soy protein supplement can help to prevent the increase in both abdominal (belly) fat and fat underneath the surface of the skin.

Cell growth And regeneration

Soy bean oil is small in structure and it is a rich source of vitamins. Because of its small molecular structure, the oil can penetrate with the epidermis and dwell in cellular structure, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin together with other proteins. This property of the soy oil helps with cell growth and also reverses the development of abnormal cells.

Cancer Risk

A number of experimental laboratory studies suggest that soy may reduce the chance of some types of cancer but there is no firm evidence because these laboratory studies have not been reflected in almost any clinical trials with people.

Benefits Of Soy Protein

Benefits Of Soy Protein

Heart Disease

As mentioned, soy protein doesn’t reduce the amount of HDL cholesterol at all, however it does reduce the bad kind, LDL cholesterol. Doctors say a drop of 1% in cholesterol amounts works out to about a 2% drop in the risk of heart disease. The health benefits of the alone makes a strong case for adding soy protein towards the diet. Including soy protein in the diet on a regular basis continuously lower cholesterol over time, producing healthier veins, blood flow and a healthier heart.