Adzuki beans are high in carbohydrates and dietary fiber, rich in protein and several vitamins and minerals. Here are various health benefits.

Adzuki Beans Nutrition

Adzuki Beans Nutrition

The adzuki bean has been grown and used for many centuries in the Orient. They are generally small and are reddish brown colored. The beans have a sweet, having a delicate texture. It is usually bought from a dried form, but could also be purchased as a paste or flour. Adzuki beans are revered to have high protein content and comparatively low fat content. They have vital minerals and vitamins and have various health benefits too.

They also have white ridges on one of the edges. Most people like adzuki beans cooked, as they give a nutty flavor. Most significantly, these beans are one of the richest protein sources in the world, while at the same time, they’re also among the lowest fat sources. Additionally they contain protein they also contain protease inhibitors which fights many diseases.

No Fats

Despite the fact that adzuki beans are full of calories, they are free of fat content. Single serving of dry adzuki beans is estimated to contain merely a gram of fat. These beans contain saturated fats of not more than 4 grams.

Full of Fiber

Besides being full of calories and proteins, these beans will also be a great source of fiber. The advantage of dietary fiber is promoting satiety in addition to regulating the levels of both sugar and cholesterol respectively.

Full of Protein

Dry adzuki beans are a perfect menu option for high-protein diets. Proteins are quite essential in the human body because it aids in building and repairing worn-out body tissues, hormones and cells.


Iron is definitely an oxygen-transporting mineral commonly found in meats, fish and beans. Adzuki beans have a superior content, as is the case with multiple other beans. A 1/4-cup serving makes up about 20 percent of the recommended daily worth of iron. Make chili with lean ground beef or turkey and adzuki beans to produce a meal with high iron content.

Minerals and Vitamins

Dry adzuki beans have a specific amount of various minerals. Some of the minerals contained in these beans include calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. Dry adzuki beans are, however, much less rich in vitamins. Nevertheless, these beans contain vitamin A, vitamin B-9 and Folate.

Improve Bowel Movement

Given that they have a high fiber content, adzuki beans greatly improve bowel movement. This can help in keeping the digestive system smooth, thus preventing constipation. The fiber found in these beans also helps in preventing colon cancer.

Stabilize Cholesterol Level

Because of high concentration of soluble fiber in adzuki beans, these beans are perfect for stabilizing the cholesterol level. Additionally they help in eliminating cholesterol and toxins in the body.

Preventing Breast Cancer

These seeds might have some natural part to play in preventing breast cancer. This claim comes from the information of phytoestrogens in the beans.

Adzuki Beans Benefits

Adzuki Beans Benefits

Boost The Health

Conditions such as urinary dysfunction and bladder infections, can be treated with the help of adzuki beans. It’s because the fact that, regular intake of these beans boost the health of the kidneys, bladder and also the function of the reproductive system.

Helps in Weight Loss

The nutrients packed within the beans add to the function of metabolism in your body. This in turn helps in weight loss, and improving other functions from the body.